Classic stylization from Tj Maxx and Reserved 15.03.2020

I know that every second post talks about how Parisian I feel in some look, so now I will not say it again.I am very happy with this look because it  made me feel like I wanted — fashionable and elegant at the same time.

fryzura na jesień

The styling base is the result of successful searches in Tk-Maxx. I was able to buy both a white jacket and slightly expanded pants at a price about 80% cheaper than the market price. I consider them a really good investment;)

Thanks to the quality, but also simplicity, both of these things will stay in my closet for a long time!

blogerka szczecin

How to diversify such a simple stylization with accessories? Also really simple. Black sandals come from Reserved. They look nice and are comfortable!

A white purse on a metal wheel is a second hand prey. I like her so much that even her light beige color does not discourage me. (Ivory can sometimes bite with white).

blogerkamodowa szczecin

The last addition is my long-awaited puff headband — a large band removed from the Prada show, slightly scaled and thrown into the chain store. I bought the black, seemingly leather one in Bershka. I have to patent fixing it on my head because the hairstyle created with it is one of my favorites this season.

stylizacja z białą marynarką i jeansami pieszak
blog szczecin

Forgive my face and focus on the jacket ^^
sandałki Mango

Gerard Darel
High Heels
Second Hand
Michał Kołomyjski